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PT. Inter Agro Indonesia

The transformation of agriculture towards modernization is characterized by the stages of industrial society with high productivity characteristics, efficient use of natural resources and technology, and being able to produce by producing quality output and high added value. Mechanization of agriculture aims to increase labor productivity, increase land productivity, and reduce production costs. The use of agricultural tools and machinery in the production process is intended to improve efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, quality of results, and reduce the workload of farmers.

PT Inter Agro Indonesia is a provider of agricultural equipment and machinery (alsintan) that is qualified and plays an active role in supporting agricultural modernization in Indonesia. PT Inter Agro Indonesia was established in Jakarta in 2015, in accordance with the company's motto "Farmer Partners to build the Country" so that marketed products are oriented towards building partnerships with farmers to utilize agricultural technology to support efficient, effective, productive, and reducing agricultural cultivation farmer's workload. Our main products are tractors with AGROPRO brand, tractor equipment, rice planting machines with CYMARTO brands, corn planting tools, corn harvesting machines, rice harvesting machines, grain dryers that can help farmers starting from land preparation , planting, harvesting to post-harvest management to save time, energy and costs.

Currently PT Inter Agro Indonesia has started a new business by presenting pesticide products for the protection of Indonesian farmers' crops

. The pruduct of PT Inter Agro Indonesia are guaranteed the quality of their products and after-sales services, including quality control before being handed over to the buyer, the availability of spare parts and providing training to users on how to use, maintain and repair. In 2018, PT Inter Agro Indonesia received an award from the Indonesian Entrepreneur and Education Award as "The Best Agricultural Machinery Company of the Year". PT Inter Agro Indonesia's products have been spread throughout Indonesia and have been used by farmers, government agencies and private companies.