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Grain Dryer

Featured products AGROPRO Mobile Grain DryerAGROPRO Grain Dryer is effective and economical to speed up the drying of corn, rice and others. We market 2 models of grain dryer, AGROPRO grain dryer model 6HG4.5A with a capacity of 4.5 tons and a AGROPRO grain dryer model 4HG2G with a capacity of 2 tons. Both types of Grain Dryer products enable to be moved and that they do not need to be placed somewhere, so they are called "Mobile Grain Dryer". Mobile Grain Dryer are still very rarely found in Indonesia. This mobile grain dryer can certainly save cost on transportation and warehouse / place rental costs. Therefore, of course the products we offer will be very useful, efficient, and effective for farmers or agriculture entrepreneurs.
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